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The CISO that does it all!

The CISO that does it all!


It was a pleasure to host Sean Walls, CISO of Visionworks of America #CISOtalk

Breakdown of episode:

(6:50) Sean's journey into cyber

(10:07) How a consultant can work successfully with a CISO

(11:58) The difference between the vendor/practitioner CISO

(13:13) Best practices of evaluating your role

(19:17) What’s the first 90 days like for a CISO

(24:27) How do you manage as a CISO?

(29:45) What are the conversations you are having about Ransomware?

(41:29) How are you navigating privacy laws

(49:38) Best practices of aligning security with the business

(52:37) Creating business value by leveraging security

(55:24) What are your best practices?