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Ep 104 Brent Hutfless, IT Security Director (CISO) at Wind Creek Hospitality

Brent Hutfless, IT Security Director (CISO) at Wind Creek Hospitality 

In this episode of CISO Talk, James Azar hosts Brent Hutfless as the two discuss Brent’s path into cybersecurity and leadership and the art of practicing cybersecurity. Should we start to view cybersecurity like Medicine… you won’t want to miss the discussion around this topic and its conclusion!  

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Brent’s Bio:

I have built and led information security and technology programs, projects and teams for over a decade. By identifying risks and developing a mitigation strategy that fits the business, organizations move beyond the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding cyber security.
Before transitioning into gaming and hospitality in 2017, I worked in manufacturing, healthcare, training, education, aviation, and defense related industries.
For me, leadership means listening to ideas, encouraging professional development, promoting collaboration, and supporting the efforts and people that lead to success. A Navy veteran, I was fortunate to serve with dynamic leaders and great mentors who I have tried to emulate as my career has progressed.
Presenting topics like hacking, the dark web, identity theft, and the reach of foreign espionage provides interesting opportunities to educate, entertain and promote conversations that lead to change.
Published articles on CSOonline, Peerlyst, LinkedIn, Tripwire, and have contributed to textbooks and a peer-reviewed study on PTSD resiliency.

I lived overseas for three years, have been to four of the six habitable continents, and look forward to visiting the other two.
Beyond spending time with my family, my hobby is classic cars. I am currently restoring a 1966 Chevy Impala, with a 1929 Model A Ford waiting in the wings. Fun fact: disassembled cars take up 3 times the space of a complete car.
I overcame much of my fear of heights by rock climbing on the sheer cliff faces of Tarifa, Spain with friends… great scenery and a lot of encouragement helped.
I have performed two wedding ceremonies for family and friends, an amazing and humbling experience that I will always cherish.


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