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Ep. 92 Kurt John CSO at Siemens

Kurt John CSO at Siemens joins the podcast this week to discuss how he went from a Pen Tester in 2010 to leading a security team in 2020 as CSO. Kurt shares insight into how he transformed his knowledge of security to push for growth in his career. Kurt brings up and discusses:

  1. Cyber Norms
  2. Charter of Trust
  3. Collaboration between business & Security And much more…

Kurt’s Bio:

As Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Kurt John is responsible for overseeing strategy and operations in the enterprise’s largest market globally, consisting of over $23B in revenue. Specifically, in this role he oversees the coordination of cybersecurity for Siemens’ products, solutions, services, and infrastructure utilized to deliver value to Siemens USA’s customers. Beyond the parameters of his US role within Siemens, Kurt also serves as a member of the Siemens Cybersecurity Board (CSB), where he works alongside international colleagues to set strategy, address global challenges and evaluate actions focusing on securing new opportunities in areas pertaining to cybersecurity. Kurt has also recently been appointed to Governor Northam’s Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority as a member of the Board of Directors where he contributes to the continued economic and technological development of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is also a member of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce's Innovation & Technology executive committee.


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