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GBI at Georgia Cyber Center

GBI at Georgia Cyber Center

It was a pleasure to host Steven Foster, Special Agent In Charge at Ga Bureau of Investigation #CISOtalk

Breakdown of the episode:

01:00 - What’s it like being in Augusta logistically, compared to Atlanta?

02:06 - What challenges exist working in tandem with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation?

04:09 - Why is there a stigma that it is not okay to report that you are a victim of a cybercrime?

08:13 - The poor structure of the GBI requires individuals to report cybercrime to local police departments, and that incident must be forwarded to the cyber center if the case is to be taken.

12:49 - James gives his input about what law enforcement should be doing in order to stop cyber crimes on a local level.

15:00 - Discuss cybercrime being the largest crime industry in the world, and that it exists due to peoples’ inherent nature to trust others.

16:20 - How does the GBI help businesses when cybercrime is reported?

21:20 - Cybercrime works faster than the response can take place. There is not an efficient method for solving these crimes yet.

26:21 - The internet was built and based on trust, that model has allowed cybercrime to thrive in today’s world.

30:50 - James shares why he thinks that Augusta will turn into the ideal city with the private & public sector relationships.