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Tech Corner with Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez – Founder & CTO at Whistic 

Topic: Software Supply Chain    

In the aftermath of the SolarWinds breach, the software supply chain is very important and requires a new approach, Founder & CTO Juan Rodriguez of Whistic joined me on the show to discuss his background from engineer to architect to entrepreneur. 

Juan shares many valuable nuggets to help security practitioners in their daily jobs and how to really evaluate the SolarWinds incident to enhance your supply chain.   


Guest Bio:

Juan joined numerous startups in the Los Angeles area, specifically focusing on the early stages of what we now know as SEO. During that time, Juan established himself as a seasoned engineer and learned the ins-and-outs of running a company.

Juan went on to co-found a peer-to-peer recreational vehicles rental platform. The venture proved to be exactly what Juan had been looking for; an opportunity to grow a business from the ground up. The experience permitted him to personally dive into sales, marketing, customer service and most importantly analyzing the technology he had developed. After having dedicated a year to this work, he felt that the enterprise space was a better fit for his talents, so he moved on to start Whistic.


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