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Tech Corner with Robin Bienfait

Topic: Cyber FinTech Conference 

On this week’s tech corner, Robin joins me to talk about the upcoming Cyber FinTech Conference on April 26th – 28th. 2021 in Atlanta, GA. We talk about the event itself, its purpose and about the latest cyber trends. Tune in for a fun conversation where Robin always drops a few pieces of wisdom!  



Guest Bio:

Robin’s bio: 

Executive with 30+ years of experience and expertise in mobility, security, business development, enterprise sales, wireless network operations and engineering. Global Intrapreneur working to build businesses within businesses and driving new revenue opportunities.

Current engagements: CEO and Founder of Emnovate, Chairman of Global Aviation, Partner Valor Ventures, member of Georgia Institute of Technology Board and a Tiffany Circle member of the American Red Cross. Independent director for Mitsubishi Finance, GWLC and Putnam investments.

Prior roles - Senior Advisor to Samsung Electronics on B2B. Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer for Samsung Electronics building Samsung Business Services for enterprise customers. Open ecosystem of partners and solutions with a mobile first strategy.

Prior role as CIO of Research In Motion, Ltd. in which I oversaw the Enterprise Business Unit P&L, BlackBerry Operations, Customer Service and Corporate IT functions.

Previously, I led over 30,000 employees at AT&T (retired) dedicated to building a scalable and reliable enterprise class network. Throughout my 22+ years with AT&T, I held various senior leadership positions, including Bell Labs, Global Network Services lines of business and Chief Compliance Officer. 


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